Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Palm Muting Examples

Though many guitarists in various styles of music use the palm-muting technique, no other genre of music utilizes it more than metal. Because palm muting can be percussive and chunky sounding, many guitarists will use a "chugging" pattern that is homorhythmic with the drums and bass in order to achieve a heavy sound. Other guitarists will use palm muting with various articulation that can actually subdue a certain phrase of music until the palm mute is removed, turning the once percussive piece into something else completely.

Here is an example of extensive palm muting that is subdued and light sounding:

 "The Patient" by Tool

Here is an example of palm muting that is "on" and "off" and "on" again, very fast and technical:

"Master Of Puppets" by Metallica

Here is an example of extensive palm muting that rarely lets up, very fast and very intense

"Corridor of Chameleons" by Meshuggah

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