Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sub Divisions In Compound Time Signatures And How To Count Them

*Subdivisions in Compound Time Signatures:

After the first subdivision of the beat, the rhythms in a compound time signature are subdivided pretty much like rhythms in simple time signatures. For example, in 6/8, the dotted quarter note is subdivided into three eighth notes. Each eighth note is subdivided into two sixteenth notes. Sixteenth notes are subdivided into thirty-second notes. Below is a chart that shows how dotted quarter notes are subdivided into eighths and then sixteenths in 6/8:

*Helpful Ways To Count Eighth-Notes In Compound Time:

*Helpful Way To Count Sixteenth Notes in Compound Time:

Sixteenth notes can be counted by adding "and" between each number. This is similar to how eighth notes are counted in simple time signatures. Using this approach for 6/8, would result in the count "one and two and three and, two and two and three and."

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