Sunday, February 27, 2011

Modes: It's All Greek To Me!! Part 7

Locrian Mode (VII): A natural minor scale with the 2nd and the 5th lowered a half step

B (the tonic)
C (a minor 2nd)
D (a minor 3rd)
E (a perfect 4th)
F (a diminished 5th)
G (a minor 6th)
A (a minor 7th)
B (upper-octave)

Good To Know!!! *The distinctive degree here is the diminished 5th. This makes the tonic triad diminished, so this mode is the only one in which the chords built on the tonic and dominant scale degrees have their roots separated by a diminished, rather than perfect, fifth. Similarly the tonic seventh chord is half-diminished.

  • Tonic triad: Bdim or B°
  • Tonic seventh chord: Bm75 or Bø
  • Dominant triad: FM
  • Seventh chord on the dominant: FM7, a major-seventh chord type. By contrast, the "dominant seventh" type in this mode is found on scale-degree 6.

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