Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Solo Over A Song

Recently I have found a great website that I allows me to select any scale, in any key, on any position on the fretboard and will then magically provide me a list of chords that I can use to solo over it.

From my last post on solos, I learned that most solos are just scales dressed up differently with various articulation, phrasing and emotion. With the help of this website I can take a chord and figure out what scales sounds good over it or I can do the opposite and find a scale I like and then find chords that compliment it.

*Here is an example of some D Minor chords:

Question: I want to solo over a D minor chord. What scales can I use to turn a unique solo?
 Answer: There are tons of scales that can be used. Here is just a handful of ones I found.

C Ionian
D Dorian
E Phrygian
F Mixolydian
D Melodic Minor
G Lydian Dominant
F Major Pentatonic
A Harmonic Minor

*Here is an example of an E Minor Pentatonic Scale:

Question: When soloing with an E Minor Pentatonic Scale, what chords can I use over it?
Answer: There are several chords that can be used. Here is a handful of chords I found.

G Major
D Suspended 2nd
A Suspended 4th
B Minor Sharp 5th
E Minor 7th
A 9th Suspended 4th
D 5th
A 5th

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