Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Find A Groove, Find A Pulse, Find A Drummer

The more I play guitar the more it becomes important to have a good sense of rhythm. When playing alone it is easy to forget that you are actually playing in your own time and not in a specific one either. Solo playing allows you the one chance to not be considered behind the beat or before the beat. When you are alone, you are on time, all the time. However, you start to realize that when performing with other musicians, each player can't be on their "own time" and still sound good as a cohesive band. 

Recently I have learned that you can learn to play consistently on beat while keeping the feel, the pulse of the music and do it without assistance of a drummer. That is, at least a human one. 

I have recently discovered  that the use of a metronome and a drum machine are amazing tools to have when learning how to keep time and improve your speed. It is better to start slow and be accurate than be fast and sloppy. Easier said than done, you know?

**Example of the online drum machine I found. Very easy to use and easy to play along with.


**Here is a picture of the metronome I just bought for under $20. Super easy to use and affordable!!

 **Here is a online version of a metronome I found that is very helpful. It doesn't have all of the functions of the Korg Metronome but gets the job done.

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