Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Funniest Thing Happend Today

After watching the Adam Jones Tutorial I was hoping to find additional information about some of the concepts in the video. As I searched the YouTube account of the person who created the video I found contact information. Along with the contact information was a small message that said the guy had transcribed his lesson/tutorial and would be willing to e-mail it to anyone who wanted it. Not knowing if the guy would check his e-mail in a week or a year I sent a request to him. Less than a day later I got an e-mail back from the guy I had found on YouTube. Sometimes I forget these people are real and are not some actor on my little laptop screen. He said that he appreciated my feedback and my interest in his videos. 

To further my research I decided include portions of the tutorial he sent me into my blog. I give full credit to this guy and in no way want to give the impressions that I created the transcription.This is for educational purposes only. I am just another wannabe guitarist who happened to stumble upon a YouTube video by AxeOfCreation and was inspired.

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