Thursday, January 20, 2011

*Music Theory (In The Style of Tool)* "Drop D" Tuning

After looking through Guitar World Magazine, Licensed Transcriptions of several Tool songs and with the help of AxeOfCreation's helpful tutorial on, it is clear that most of Tool's song use "Drop D" in order to make the song more powerful sounding.

Question 1: What is "Drop D" tuning?
Answer: According to the book The Definitive Guitar Handbook "Drop D" tuning on guitar is when the Low E String on the guitar is lowered one whole step until it reaches the pitch of "D". This is an octave lower than the open fourth string. When this pitch is dropped a whole step it allows for an Open D5 power chord. "Drop D" is perfect for playing songs in the key of D major or D minor. Some guitarists will use the low D string as a 'drone' note while moving chord shapes up and down the fingerboard. 

Below is an example of "Drop D" look in written form instead of Standard E Tuning.

Below is another example of what "Drop D" looks when power chords go down the fretboard.

Question 2) What do D Minor Pentatonic power chords look like?

Question 3) What notes are in a D Minor Pentatonic Scale?
Answer: D, F,G,A,C,D

Question 4) What chords can I use with Drop D tuning in D Minor?



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