Friday, January 14, 2011

"You are already musical; you just don't know it yet."

As I read further into my book "The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search For Growth Through Music" by Victor Wooten I realized two things right away: 1)This book is not your average music theory book and 2) This is best possible book to be reading at this point in my musical journey.It reinforces the idea that above all, music should be fun.The author of the book takes a very unique approach when it comes to talking about Music. He makes the case that you can have a life-long relationship with music if you chose to. 

 "Like one hand clapping, a one-sided relationship never works. It is clear to me now. For a relationship to work efficiently there must be equality in ever way. Both parties must give to each other, take from each other, respect each other, love each other, and listen to each other."

Wooten points out that both the instrument and the player need each other in a mutually beneficial way.The person is musical already, the instrument is simply to means to communicate that which is in the person through the vehicle of music expressed through the guitar. He believes that music is more than just sounds that come from instruments. Music is an extension of your soul.Wooten wants the reader to understand that music can be spiritually healing, an interesting spin on mathematics and an educational tool in other areas of our lives that does not seem to have any ties to music at all. He acknowledges that playing an instrument can be intimidating at first and music theory's technical word jargon  alone can scare off most people from picking up an instrument in the first place. Wooten wants you, the reader, to above all have fun and love what you do with your instrument, in my case the electric guitar. With inspiration of this book hope to be able to learn to slow down, breathe deeply, embrace my instrument and try again compassion and patience for yourself. After all, every person's musical trip is unlike any other persons and it is crucial to remember that. Whenever you get anxious playing just remember that no one is going to whip you if you mistake a major key for a minor key, no one is going to throw rotten tomatoes at you if you mistake a perfect third for a fifth, and no one is going to take your hands and hold them on your instrument and learn the instrument for you. It is your job, if you chose to accept it, to let go of your anxieties, pick up your instrument and express your emotions without out hesitation or judgement of self. JUST LET IT HAPPEN! 

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