Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hit The Ground Running.

Since I have never created a blog before this project it feels a little daunting but very exciting at the same time. I am not sure what the best format for this website will be but in time I will get the hang of it. It is my goal to be able to post text, pictures, and videos to document my experience. Even though I am only a week into this project I can already tell that this blog will be a great resource for anyone interested in music theory, guitar and especially rock and roll. Though I was originally going to start with music theory basics and work my way up to more complex concepts in a linear fashion, I am going to try something a little different. While I do intend to post useful and practical music theory information, I don't want to re-create the music theory books I am currently studying. In fact, I would like to make something a bit more unique. I would like to treat this project of mine as a  resource tool long after the my project is over in June, 2011. It is my intention to keep updating this blog for a long time coming.


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